Hi, I’m John Burke. I’m the founder and lead pastor at Gateway Church, a multi-site church based in Austin, Texas that has grown to over 4500 people, the majority who started following Christ at Gateway. I have a passion for creating a “come as you are” culture in the church that reaches those far from God and gives them a church home where they can become all God intended–becoming future leaders of his church. If I had all the time and all the money in the world…I’d do this! I can’t think of anything more rewarding or enjoyable.


Of all my accomplishments my greatest by far is being a husband to my amazing wife and a father to my two awesome kids. These three people are my best friends in the world. No matter how grown up they get, we have a blast with each other just hanging out, laughing, and enjoying good quality time together.


I am the author of Soul Revolution, No Perfect People Allowed,Unshockable Love / Mud and the Masterpiece, and one other coming soon! I love sharing the stories of life-change in my books that have grown out of my experiences leading Gateway and getting to know the amazing people that have come through our doors.


I have a passion for sharing with others what I have learned on my journey with Christ, and that comes about through teaching and writing. I love music – I am a drummer and guitarist and love the jam sessions I have with my family. I’m crazy about soccer, as I have coached my son for 14 years and played in my own league for 10 (Chelsea is my favorite team). I have sailed all my life both competitively and for fun, and love being able to enjoy sailing on Lake Travis; sailing refreshes my spirit and connects me to God.


I am the Founder and President of Gateway Leadership Initiative (GLI), which helps church planters and church leaders create “come as you are but don’t stay as you are” churches and ministries.  We help assess and equip leaders in this AsUR contextual leadership.